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Hello, we are SIGMA.
And we love what we do.


Sunshine in our heart. Solar on the roof. 

It is our collective goal to become more sustainable. We want to significantly reduce our carbon footprint by 2030 and become climate-neutral by 2035. We are working towards achieving this goal through a number of different initiatives and measures.

We have been operating one of the largest private solar power installations in Düsseldorf, Germany since 2012, which has over 710 photovoltaic panels. We are also part of the Düsseldorf Climate Pact. Another area we focus on is taking practical measures, such as installing eight charging stations in Düsseldorf and generating electricity through our photovoltaic system. We do it all without forgetting the many small and large environmentally conscious decisions involved in our day-to-day operations.

We believe that many small steps can also lead to big changes. We are working on that together for a cleaner, greener future. For our planet.

Natural heroes. Buzzing helpers in action.

We have taken on a bee sponsorship in partnership with Molekuel. Through this initiative, we actively promote biodiversity, support endangered bee populations and strengthen natural pollination.

Our small beehive is located in a nature reserve, where it enriches the local flora and fauna. At the same time, we benefit from the sweet benefits of pure, natural honey from sustainable production.

With this sponsorship, we are not only committed to protecting bees, but also to a sustainable future for generations to come. Together we are making a difference.

Our Commitment

What counts for us is the real thing. Participating. Making a difference. Investing our heart and soul.

We cultivate partnerships with the cultural beacons of Düsseldorf, Germany. Our mission? More than just business. For us, commitment and passion go hand in hand. Because we see ourselves as part of society. As a driving force for good, the unique, the extraordinary. Our expertise in technology as well as in the creative and tech sectors is our tool to inspire. And to make a mark that helps our society move forward.

Our support for various local organizations in Düsseldorf stems out of a sense of dedication and passion. Here is an excerpt of some of our partners TechHub.K67, Kunstpalast, Digitale Stadt, CreativeMornings, NRW Forum, Filmwerkstatt, Bilker Bunker, Stadtmuseum, Kunsthalle and Kunstverein among other initiatives.

Audio. Visual. Experience. For over 45 years.

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