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Natural heroes.

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Düsseldorf, 02. July 2024 | Article

Together we can make a difference

With this key objective in mind, we are working together with Molekuel and have taken on a bee sponsorship. This is a small contribution to the active promotion of biodiversity. The aim of the initiative is to support bee populations and strengthen natural pollination.

With our bee sponsorship, we are making an active contribution to promoting biodiversity and protecting species. A healthy beehive promotes the spread of plants, which in turn create habitats for many other animal species. The close connection between plants and bees shows how important each individual species is for the entire ecosystem.

Our small beehive is located in a designated species conservation area where flora and fauna are specially protected and promoted. One colony pollinates around 450 million flowers and thus ensures plant growth in this area. 

The best part - as soon as the first honey arrives, we have a sweet breakfast together.