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ShiftScreen pushes boundaries. And turns information into experiences.

Düsseldorf, 10. June 2024 | Article

Dynamic, interactive and immersive  
ShiftScreen connects spaces, information and people

ShiftScreen extends reality into virtual space. A portal to new worlds and dimensions - with screen interaction without limits. Maximum variability in shape, size and orientation. Standing or lying, free-standing in the room or mounted on the wall. Precise positional analysis allows users to immerse themselves even deeper - and product information becomes a unique experience.


Playful, intuitive and emotional
ShiftScreen takes communication to a new level 

The ShiftScreen is mounted on a rail in front of an object. The movement and position in space determine what can be seen on the display. For example, the inner workings of an object can be shown as on an X-ray. The user can then use a touch to further deepen the information. This combination of haptics and technology enables an unrivalled density of information - without confusing menus or endless scrolling. Even complex processes are shown and explained simply. From simple timelines to complex real-time 3D visualisations, everything is possible here. Structured, clear and informative.

Creative, exciting and efficient
ShiftScreen creates unique user experiences 

More interaction, engagement and fun - and therefore more attention for products, brands and their messages. ShiftScreen turns information into experiences. The interaction arouses curiosity and the urge to play, and users become explorers and adventurers. This not only increases attention and dwell time. The information is also stored for longer.



Target-orientated, versatile and variable  
ShiftScreen offers countless application possibilities

Whether automotive, museums, companies, brand worlds, visitor centres, trade fairs or exhibitions. With ShiftScreen, there are virtually no limits to content and themes. How can ShiftScreen technology help you achieve your goals? Get in touch with us.