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Planet Ocean

Gasometer, Oberhausen
Exhibition Immersion Art Museum

Challenging, immersive, intense 

Diving into an underwater world full of secrets, beauty and wonder in the middle of the Gasometer Oberhausen? An innovative installation and our sophisticated technology make it possible.

Technology you can dive into

Planet Ocean is much more than an exhibition. It is an immersive experience, lifelike and intense. Visitors experience the world that exists underwater in a completely new way, while learning about humankind, nature conservation and marine protection. The dramatic highlight and main attraction was THE WAVE, an impressive large-scale installation by Ars Electronica Solutions. A 40-meter-high projection screen on which life-like waves of water roar and shoals of fish and majestic sea creatures glide through the water. We are in charge of the installation’s technology. 

A technological challenge or masterpiece? It’s both.

We make the fascinating animations from Ars Electronica Solutions come to life – with the help of seven high-performance laser projectors from Epson Germany (model EB-L30000U each featuring 30,000 lumens). The implementation posed a real challenge. The projection surface for THE WAVE is made out of an L-shaped fabric screen measuring over 1,000 square meters, with a horizontal grid of 18.6 × 21 meters and a vertical height of 40 meters. Our technical solutions also had to take into account the fluctuating temperatures and thermal conditions in the gasometer while also protecting the projectors from extreme weather conditions. Our solution was to implement four special climate-controlled towers that guarantee flawless operation. 


We love technical challenges – especially when the end result inspires so many people and raises their awareness of environmental issues. 


Client: Gasometer Oberhausen, ARS Electronica Solutions| Location: Oberhausen | Planning: ARS Electronica Solutions | Photography: Michael Lübke